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1915 Newark Peppers

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After winning the league championship in 1914, the Indianapolis Feds moved East to Newark New Jersey. The team was renamed the Newark Peppers. Indianapolis was the first team to ever re-locate after winning a league title. The Peppers were the only major league team to ever call New Jersey it's home.

1. Miles * 2. Brandom * 3. McKechnie * 4. Moran * 5. Kaiserling * 6. Pratt * 7. Falkenberg
8. Schaefer * 9. Campbell * 10. Mosely * 11. Esmond * 12. Huhn * 13. Laporte
14. Scheer * 15. Rariden * 16. Rousch * 17. Strand
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Newark Peppers
Infielders Outfielders Pitchers
Hugh Bradley Vin Campbell Harry Billiard
Jimmy Esmond Edd Rousch Chick Brandom
Emil Huhn Al Scheer Cy Falkenberg
Frank LaPorte Gil Whitehouse Frank Harter
Bill McKechnie Catchers George Kaiserling
Larry Pratt Harry Moran
Bill Rariden Earl Moseley
George Textor George Mullin
Bill Warren Ed Reulbach
Tom Seaton
Fred Trautman
Charley Whitehouse
1915 Roster
1915 Schedule

Opening Day Line-up : April 10, 1915
Gil Whitehouse, RF
Bill McKechnie, 3B
Edd Rousch, CF
Frank LaPorte, 2B
Germany Schaefer, 1B
Jimmy Esmond, SS
Al Scheer, LF
Emil Huhn, C
Cy Falkenberg, P
Team Leaders
Batting AverageVin Campbell - .310
Home RunsJimmy Esmond - 5
Runs Batted InJimmy Esmond - 62
RunsJimmy Esmond - 79
Stolen BasesAl Scheer - 31
WinsEd Reulbach - 21
Innings PitchedEd Reulbach - 270
StrikeoutsHerb Moseley - 142

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