The Federal League Teams

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Below is a brief description of each Federal League team. Click on the thumbnail picture or the team name for more information about that team.

Baltimore Terrapins
The Baltimore Terrapins hosted the very first game in Federal League history on April 13, 1914.

Brooklyn Tip Tops
The Brooklyn Tip Tops were owned by Robert B. Ward. He was also the owner of Tip Top bakery and so the team was named.

Buffalo Blues
The Buffalo team sold shares of stock of the team to the public through a series of newspaper ads. Preferred shares was sold for $10 a piece.

Chicago Whales
The Chicago Whales were owned by Chicago diner magnate, Charles Weeghman. The team was very successful, finishing in second place in 1914 and in first in 1915 under manager Joe Tinker. The team's name was chosen in a contest in 1915.

Kansas City Packers
The Packers played at Gordon & Koppel Field.

Indianapolis won the Federal League championship in 1914 but due to large debts, the team relocated to Newark, New Jersey the following season.

Newark Peppers
The Newark Peppers was the Federal League's attempt to try and "crack" into the huge New York City market.

Pittsburgh Rebels or Stogies
The Pittsburgh Rebels played their home games in Exposition Park. The park was built in 1882 and was home to the many Pittsburgh teams in the American Association, Players League, and National League. The tenants prior to the Rebels were the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates played at Exposition Park until 1909 where they then moved to Forbes Field.

St. Louis Terriers
The St. Louis Terries were managed during their inaugural season by player-manager Three-Finger Brown. Unfortunately the team ended up in last place and Brown was traded away before the season ended. In 1915, the team's fortune changed as they were pennant contenders up until the last day of the season. They ended up in second place 1/10th of a percentage point behind Chicago.