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In early 1914, the Federal League president James Gilmore discussed with Brooklyn Tip Top owner Robert B. Ward that he was concerned about the financial backing of the Pittsburgh franchise. Ward then introduced Gilmore to railroad contractor Edward Gwinner. Gwinner was partnered with New York architect C. B. Comstock and they backed the Pittsburgh team.

With some strong financial backing, the team did not fare so well on the playing field their first season. They ended up next to last in 1914. But their fortunes turned in 1915 when they became involved in one of the closest pennat races in major league history. Pittsburgh finished third only 1/2 game behind the pennant winning Chicago Whales.

The team was first managed by Doc Gessler, but after only one month was fired. Gessler was replaced by player/manager Rebel Oakes. The team thus took on the nickname of the Pittsburgh Rebels.

1914 Pittsburgh Rebels

1915 Pittsburgh Rebels

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