The Federal League 1913 Season

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Federal League
Team Won Lost Pct. GB
Indianapolis 75 45 .625 -
Cleveland Feds 63 54 .538 10.5
St. Louis Terriers 59 59 .500 15.0
Chicago Feds 57 62 .479 17.5
Covington/Kansas City Blue Sox 53 65 .449 21.0
Pittsburgh Feds 49 71 .408 26.0

The Federal League started in 1913 as a minor league. It was not recognized by the National Association, which was the ruling body for organized baseball and was deemed an "outlaw" league. They stocked their rosters with players who were free agents.

The season started with teams in Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Covington, Kentucky.

The Covington team was relocated in late June to Kansas City.

By the middle of the summer, the major investors of the league decided to become "major league" status for 1914. This would mean adding more teams to the league, expanding to the East coast, and signing players from the major league teams.

During the winter of 1913, the Federal League was able to sign some players formerly from the American and National Leagues. One of the first big names to sign was Joe Tinker. He became player-manager for the Chicago Fed's.