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May 26, 2024

Merle's Biography

Alas, I lived my entire life here in New York City, born in June of 1949. That makes me a Gemini. Why is that important? I was never sure whether it was boredom, my willingness to takes risks, or just plain logic in getting that my experiences were the only true realisms.

Having skipped two years of school and learning to play several musical instruments, my calling turned out to be in show business as a comedian/singer/actress. Movies, theatre, a bit of television and night clubs.

I began traveling at the age of 21 when I went cross country. Loved it! It wasn.t until 1985 when I wrote an article for a local newspaper. My niche was on travel, dining and entertainment, the escapes or escapades of life. Show biz was put on hold and I let everyone else do the news thing. Presently, I get to combine both by show biz career as a radio personality and writing for several publications across the country.

In 2002 I found another niche. I got involved with the New York Sharks, a women's tackle football team. As their publicist I shoot for big! It's all about risks and what I will do to acknowledge the team.

There is one philosophy that I have maintained: acknowledging that I am an arsehole. Why? This way I never got to go through life saying, "Hey, I.m not going to do that. I'll look like and arsehole!." Problem solved.