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May 13, 2021


Tom’s of Maine. You’ve seen the ads and may have come across the product name in stores. People might try their products because they are natural, but they won’t buy them again unless they’re effective. As far as I’m concerned, they are.

I became more interested when, just by coincidence, one of their toothpaste products were in two of the B&B’s that I traveled to. Since I’m seeing Dr. Joan Jacobs, a holistic chiropractor, I figure that I should sample what turned out to be more than just natural tooth care.

“Imagine having an infection in your finger,” writes Tom’s. “It would cause pain and threaten circulatory, cardiovascular and other biological systems. You’d treat the problem right away, wouldn’t you? Dental problems are no different. Far from being separate from the rest of the body, your mouth is a good indicator of your overall, or systemic, health. Lack of proper care may lead to gingivitis (early-stage gum disease), periodontitis (infection of the tissues surrounding teeth) and eventual loss of teeth in adults and children.”

Dental literature tells us to: replace our toothbrush every three months; brush your teeth between meals or at least twice a day and floss once a day; and see your dentist twice a year.

Check the ingredients of the “name” toothpaste that you’re using and compare it to Toms’ of Maine natural antigingivitis peppermint toothpaste. This toothpaste contains calcium for clean teeth and zinc citrate to help prevent plaque that leads to gingivitis. It is never artificially sweetened with saccharin (400 times sweeter than sugar). Ingredients: calcium carbonate – mild abrasive made from purified calcium from the earth; glycerin – moistener, by-product of vegetable oil soap; water – consistency from a branch brook; xylitol – flavor from birch trees; chamomile extract – soothing feel from chamomile flowers; peppermint oil – flavor from peppermint leaves; myrrh gum – astringent feel derived from resin from the myrrh bush…and you get the picture.

I decided that since I normally brush twice a day that I would use a different toothpaste in the AM than the PM. I chose a “whitening” for the second. Flavored toothpastes, too. I wanted to see if it would help using a fruit flavored one to trick my mind into thinking that my dessert taste buds were at least curbed by having apricot and strawberry (even though the strawberry one is for kids). I hit some of the mouthwashes. One with baking soda and another for tartar control.

I was on a roll as I checked out their website of www.tomsofmaine.com. Body care products. Washing your hair can be a problem when it smells like almond (but also contains aloe), particularly in the morning when I am hungry. No, I didn’t rinse my mouth with it. Soaps. Body washes. I’m hooked! Wait a minute! Isn’t it a fact that cocoa is good for your teeth? Chocolate flavored mouthwash….mmmm. Excuse me, I’m off to 5th Avenue Chocolatiere’s factory. I’ll brush my teeth when I get back.

October 01, 2005 - Queens Times


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