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May 13, 2021


In case you’re wondering why there were so many snowstorms it probably had something to do with sports commentators. For years, they have been saying that the New Orleans Saints were so bad at playing football that hell would freeze over before they would ever win the Super Bowl. On Sunday, February 7, 2010 The Saints won the Super Bowl and on that same Sunday, Washington D.C. was not only paralyzed under several feet of the white stuff it, but also caused the Federal Government to shut down.

Our day began with brunch at Ristorante Guiseppe, located on the busy Line Avenue. One would certainly not expect an authentic Italian restaurant in Shreveport, although it appears that chef/owner Guiseppe Brucia has been dishing it out here for several years, culminating in his largest endeavor.

Brucia’s state of the art kitchen of just over 2,200 feet, purchased in Milan and shipped to America, is completely open to the public. Guests can even sit back and enjoy the cooking show of big city dining. Aside from the artistic décor, there are several private rooms to dine, one of which we had the Champagne Symphony Brunch.

Perusing the menu, I spotted items using mozzarella, pasta and an ending of gelato. My first question was as to whether they made their own and given a “yes”, the taste test was in order. Esther insisted on having bellinis and since she wasn’t driving I allowed for the unlimited. I ordered the Mozzarella Caprese, of sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, basil pesto and prosciutto ham followed by Fettuccini in a tomato lamb sauce. The gelato flavors chosen were cherry, chocolate and a blood orange sorbet. All passed my flavor test.

A tour of the Logan Mansion followed. The grand 1897 Queen Anne Victorian home, located on the historic Austin Place, deserves not only a tour to view the rooms, but also the stories behind the mansion being a haunted house. Owned by Billy and Vicki LeBrun, the LeBruns say that there have been some unexplainable activities like doors closing, sightings of apparitions and just plain creepy feelings.

The story goes to former owners who offered room and board to local teachers. It happened that one of the teachers had a little girl, who fell out the attic window and died and now there have since been reports of sightings of the child's spirit in a window, as well as throughout the house. Be aware that there are cats living in and around the home, and you know how mischievous felines can be.

It’s time to see the Bossier side of Shreveport-Bossier and what better way than checking out the Louisiana Boardwalk, that sits along the Red River. Consisting of over 60 retail stores (about a dozen outlet stores) and 15 restaurants, the shopping center is a combination of shops and entertainment.

We did not have a great deal of time to spend at this locale so I’ll tell you what sort of entertainment finds its venues here. Funny Bone Comedy Club would have been a great spot for me if they had an open mike night. You have Regal Cinema, a carousel, and glow-in-the-dark Mini-Golf. There are a few fountains and a statue of woman who looks as if her outstretched arms towards the sky are set to catch beads at a Mardi Gras Parade. If you don’t want to walk the whole river area, take a trolley and if you get tired, or just want to treat yourself, there’s always a day spa. A Marriott is slated to open for those who need to shop ‘til you drop. I bought this huge candied apple dipped in chocolate chips. Cumulus media chose to have office space here for its five radio stations in the Ark-La-Tex market. I will be broadcasting my radio show from the Robinson Film Center.

We were greeted by Mayor Cedric Glover and invited to join his party to view the Superbowl event in the larger movie theatre to include food and drink via a buffet. I waited until around half time to set up my show near the entrance of the film center. Two callers (having to do with Shreveport) called in while I had several people, including Nishia and Brandy from tourism sitting or standing near the telephone’s speaker. Melody Schubert and her husband Leroy assisted me as well. Although I was able to view a screen in the lobby, I would simply call out, “Leroy, what’s the score?” It wasn’t until the end of the football game that I was able to interview the Mayor.

During the warmer months, there is one of those “hop on and off” trolleys that tours more than a dozen cultural attractions operating on Thursday evenings and free the third Thursday of the month. For further information on Shreveport check out www.shreveport-bossier.org

March 18, 2010 - Queens Times


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