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May 13, 2021


On to another subject regarding food is having restaurants going “Green”. It appears that the whole B.R.Guest group of restaurants is proud to be the first national multi-concept restaurant group to be certified Green by the Green Restaurant Association. Leading the eco-friendly charge in the restaurant world, B.R. Guest achieved certification of green status at all of its 12 New York locations, upon implementation of environmentally friendly practices in accordance with the Green Restaurant Association's rigorous guidelines. They are the only fine dining group to have at least the first 8 Environmental Steps Completed. Check out the information for this concept on www.dinegreen.com.

Where did I dine? Blue Fin, of course, located on the corner of Broadway and 47th Street (212-918-1400). Hey, New York Sharks, ya know? It was fish all the way starting with sushi rolls. It happened that I dined with Bonnie Low-Kramen, Olympia Dukakis’s assistant. Long story on how it happened. However, as it turns out Bonnie has written a book called Be the Ultimate Assistant: A celebrity assistant’s secrets to success, which I’ll get into at another time. Back to the food. Black Bass and Chilean Sea Bass. I wanted to see how much of a difference there was. I’m not sure but we loved them both and did save room for dessert. One thing that I love about Blue Fin, aside from having great food, is the atmosphere. Dining upstairs had an added jazz band serenading everyone, but tucked just above the staircase so that it didn’t interfere with conversation. For the info on all of the B.R. Guest restaurants go to www.brguestrestaurants.com. What? Did that surprise you?

October 04, 2007 - Queens Times


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