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May 13, 2021


It’s another movie gone musical on Broadway as 2007 Tony nominee Laura Bell Bundy stars as Delta Nu’s wealthy sorority sister Elle Woods in her stint at Harvard Law School. Take the very popular movie “Legally Blonde”; throw in lyrics to coincide with the movie script, music to move by and a Greek chorus of sorority sisters. And…since it’s a Broadway musical let’s up the anti on getting the GLBT audience by giving the lesbian more lines and an entire musical number called, “Gay Or European”, or as the Playbill calls it, “There! Right There!” Hmmm…. I wonder why they changed the title? Then again, you’re led to believe that Enid is a “feminist”. I have to confess that having viewed the movie over a dozen times, I didn’t have to concentrate on the plot. So here it is. Elle Woods is in love with Warner Huntington III (Richard Blake). Elle, along with her sorority sisters, think that Warner is about to pop the question, but the answer to “Pooh-bear”, as he calls her, is that his future calls for a “Vanderbilt” and someone who’s “serious”. With that Elle sets out to attend Harvard as well. While in Professor Callahan’s (Michael Rupert) class a lawsuit arises where he chooses some of his students to assist, including Elle. Warner is another and so is his now present fiancé, Vivienne Kensington (Kate Shindle). Also assisting is Harvard graduate Emmett Forrest (Christian Borle) who takes a liking to Elle. The suit: Brooke Wyndham (Nikki Snelson) is accused of murdering her much older husband. The evidence: Chutney, the stepdaughter and Carlos, the pool boy, claim they saw Brooke standing over the body with blood all over her. Carlos also claims that he has been having an affair with Brooke. In the meantime, we are dealing with Elle’s frustrating pursuant of Warner. What does Elle Woods do when she’s upset? It’s off the Beauty Salon where she gets to pour her heart out by getting a manicure. Sexy and buxom Paulette (Orfeh) is the manicurist with an eye on the UPS guy, Kyle (her real life husband Andy Karl). Director/Choreographer Jerry Mitchell teamed up with Heather Hach (who wrote the book) and Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin (music and lyrics) for what appears to be a winner. Not much dialogue as everything turns into a musical number. Legally Blonde The Musical is a fun and perky slice of theatrical entertainment with lots of talent. Let’s eat! Aged beef, especially dry aged, produces the best tasting steaks. There are few restaurants that actually do this process, one of which is the famous Gallagher’s Steakhouse at 228 West 52nd Street. The time-honored method of dry-aging begins with top quality meat of which Gallagher’s uses USDA Prime, especially for their signature 14-oz Sirloin Steak. Just look into the window and view the huge sterile refrigerator with tags below each steak. These tags alert the date that they are first refrigerated as they age for 21 days at a constant temperature of 36 degrees. During this ripening period, several key things happen. Enzymes break down the muscle fibers, improving tenderness, until by the third week the meat is positively buttery. A 20 percent moisture loss concentrates the beefy flavors, leaving an intense taste. The meat's ability to hold onto moisture with cooking is improved too, making for juicier cooked steaks. Dry-aged beef also develops a crust which has to be trimmed away, resulting in an additional loss of up to 25-percent of the meat's original weight, adding to its cost. Helen Gallagher and Jack Solomon launched Gallagher’s in November of 1927 when Prohibition was in full swing. Gallagher’s became the first speakeasy and when the sale of liquor was legalized the New York Strip steak begat and so did Broadway’s first steakhouse. With various owners it was Jerome Brody who glassed in the refrigerator yet continued to keep the décor of plain plank floors, wood-paneled walls covered with photos of Broadway and Hollywood stars, business and political luminaries as well as athletes past and present that will soon include a framed photo of the 2007 New York Sharks Women’s Tackle Football Team. Do you love your steaks rare, medium or well done? If you think you’re eating a “bloody” steak than your wrong. The blood has already been drained from the animal, so it’s just the color of the juices. What really counts is how tender the steak is and in the case of a Gallagher’s sirloin you’ll have to take your jaw to a gym to get a workout. When you hear the cooking term “caramelizing” it refers to heating the sugars in the food. Meat gets caramelized due to the sugars in the carbohydrates that the animal feeds on. Combine it with having the steaks cooked over hickory smoked coals and you’ll have an even more flavorful piece of meat. The two most popular sides are their Gallagher’s potatoes cut in wedges and the Creamed Spinach…although what’s a great steak without sautéed mushrooms and onions? Don’t take my word for it. Indulge your carnivorous senses and make reservations by calling 212-245-5336.

May 31, 2007 - Queens Times


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